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Check out the results that can come to your website with one month of SEO and NO adspend!

This was a BRAND NEW WEBSITE, if you just started your website, you know how hard it is to rank on Google. Let us take that stress off of you!

The Analytics below are from work done in Late February and ended in Early April. We had some strategy meetings about who the ideal client was, how to reach them, and their end goal. Their KPI  or (key performance indicator) was web traffic and phone calls. Within this time frame we were able to help generate over 2,000 website visits, over 250 phone calls and within the quarter appear on over 7,000 listings on Google Maps and over 4,800 listings on Google Search(from Google My Business alone). 

The image above shows that with simple changes to their website along with adding more keyword friendly text, we were able to immediately rank them on the first page of google for target keywords. Ever since then they have been gaining more and more keywords and ranking for them despite adding no new content after that one month! Talk about a great investment! This goes to show that one month’s work can have long term effects on ranking in Google. Again this is  without any adspend. This is the best way to generate long lasting traffic.

As you view the graphs and stats please note how this is all correlatted. Targeted Keywords + Targeted Content = Traffic

You can see the exact moment we started creating content and having Google index it to generate more traffic.

Over 75% of the people who visited were NEW VISITORS!

Since this was such a new site, we had to create some authority by building backlinks with our keyword focused content. This immediately gave this website some authority as the websites we linked to all had to deal with their niche. This again brought an increase in traffic!

Another KEY element in getting ranked on Google and building authority is by getting listed in local and national directories. 

Below you can see that we were able to get them listed in 71 Directories within a month! This is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to build your traffic to your website. 

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